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I am looking for flat top and cone top beer cans from the mid 1930's to the late 1960's.

Where can you find these old cans?
Some of the best places are in crawl spaces, basements, and attics in old homes, barns, and sheds and even inside the walls (drywall)!  You can find some of the most valuable beer cans when a building is being torn down or remodeled.  Sometimes you can find cans in old inventory storage rooms of small stores - just look around!!  You COULD be sitting on a treasure trove of these old cans with gorgeous graphics and I'll make sure you get cash for these vintage cans.

My name is "Beer Can Bill" DeLuca, and I will offer you a great price for your old beer cans.
Just call me toll free at (877) 291-0326 and we can discuss your cans.  Or just CLICK ON THIS LINK to send me an email - and I WILL call you back.

Handling an estate that has a beer can collection?  No problem.  I have evaluated beer cans and collections for nearly 30 years and can assist you in valuing the cans, or I may simply buy the entire collection!  You are a phone call or email away from getting cash for your cans.

Our can collecting hobby has its own language - and I'll give you a quick lesson in beer can collecting lingo.  Just click on the Beer Can Lingo tab above.  You can even learn how to "grade" a beer can.  By grade, we mean how you determine the condition of a can which translates into an approximation of the value of the can.